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Participants’ postcodes were used as a guide to assess their socio economic status, as determined by their Socio Economic Index for Areas Score SEIFA . We used an adapted version of the nine item Problem Gambling Severity Index PGSI developed by Ferris and Wynne, to measure participants’ gambling behaviours, with PGSI scores used to broadly group participants according to their gambling risk characteristics, with a score or 1–2 indicating low levels of problems, 3–7 moderate levels of problems, and 8 and over pathological levels of problems with gambling. However, we also asked more detailed questions about participants’ experiences with gambling and the types of products that they gambled on including electronic gambling machines EGMs, greyhound and horse wagering, table games, keno, lotto, and sports betting, as well as the estimated amount spent on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis depending on the frequency of each participant’s gambling behaviours. Qualitative themes of inquiry included participants’ participation in sports, their early experiences with gambling, and how their gambling behaviours had evolved over time, the role of betting in their peer group rituals related to sports, the changing gambling landscape including the accessibility of online betting products, their attitudes regarding sports betting marketing, and their regulatory suggestions to protect individuals from gambling harm. This paper specifically focuses on participants’ responses to the extent and content of sports betting marketing. Recruitment for the study was stopped when the researchers were confident of a diversity of experiences and opinions to illustrate a number of constructs associated with our research questions and theoretical lens . Data, including participants’ age, occupation, highest level of education, postcode, and SEIFA index, as well as PGSI scores, were entered into SPSS and analysed using basic descriptive statistics. Transcripts were uploaded to QSR NVivo 10 which was used to manage the data. Qualitative data interpretation occurred throughout the interviews and was led by the first two authors who constantly met to discuss the data, and to add new questions to the interview schedule as new ideas, experiences, and opinions emerged from participants’ interviews. Initial data coding, analyses, and interpretation was conducted by authors 1 and 2. We used open coding techniques to identify narratives that specifically related to the extent and content of sports betting marketing in each of the transcripts.
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RES341 University of Phoenix August 15, 2011 Memo The purpose of this memo is to inform you that ABC Sports Equipment sales have declined due to the fact that a number of chain stores have moved in to the area and they also sell sports equipment. In order to meet our customer needs we have given customer surveys at the store and outside the store. Our surveys contain questions such as cleanliness of our store, hours of operation, competitive pricing, personalized services, product selection, and location of the store. After the surveys are done and the information is gathered we are going to see what are the customer needs. Then we will focus on what we need to change in the store to increase our sales Out of 60 surveys that where handed out 35 where returned. A total of 20 surveys where given to existing customers and 40 where handed out at a sporting event in a park for potential customers. A total of 30 men and 15 women took the survey. When asked if they knew where ABC Sports Equipment was located only 10 said yes and 15 said no. location of the store: 2. 9, product selection: 2. 5, hours of operation: 2.
That’s a guaranteed profit of $10, and since sportsbooks take excess of a single bet in either course, they stand to earn that seemingly small amount of profit many times over. The $10 difference between what you wager and what you win is known as juice or vig in the sports making a bet industry, and it’s the way books earn their bread and butter. The last number in the end two rows of our sports line example is called the cash line. If you’re not drawn to making a bet on the purpose spread, which you can wager on a team to win outright. The plus sign next to the underdog in our case, the Giants indicates what quantity of money you’ll earn for each $100 you bet on the money line. Conversely, the minus sign next to the favourite’s line tells you how much you need to wager with a purpose to win $100. In our instance, a $100 wager on the Giants earns you $300 should they pull off the upset, while a bet of $405 on the Cowboys will net you an extra $100. Representing odds in units of $100 makes putting different size bets easy; if you are looking to bet $10 on the Giants, you stand to earn $30 in the event that they win, while a $40. 50 bet on the Cowboys will net you an extra $10. The final line of advice in our example line is the over under. Wagers put on the over under have nothing to do with which team wins or the difference between the points they score, but rather the mixed variety of points both teams will score in the game.
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