An Overview of Football Referees

overview of football referees

An Overview of Football Referees

Football referee is uniquely trained to supervise matches of football. He or she manages the players’ behavior on the pitch along with ensuring both parties follow the official rules doctrined by FIFA. If the players violate the rules, then the punishment will be carried out according to the rules stipulated. Despite the controversies surrounding football refereeing, a football referee is a very essential role during football matches. Without referees, expect players to be brute towards each other and sensible execution of the match is not possible! Football referees’ first and foremost priority is to ensure the safety of the footballers from both sides. Secondly, they ensure the match is carried out in absolute fairness, though this part is without controversies.

Being a football referee is not perceived as a normal occupation, and treated more as a pastime. For example, David Elleray an Oxford graduate is a full-time geography teacher, but he became a well-known referee who officiates many premier league matches and has been on the FIFA list too. With the increasing fandom of football worldwide, football refereeing also becomes a celebrity business with lots of former referees become media spokesperson. Pierluigi Collina, a recognizable figure to the world football, became known internationally after the World Cup.

Football Referee Career

Football refereeing has its own career ladder. You start from amateur football and work towards professional football. You need to go through numerous courses and tests to obtain football refereeing licenses, working your way up. Of course, the job is only done outdoor, in front of spectators and on the pitch. Only in some cases, however, like the basic five-A-side or indoor leagues are carried out indoor. This means you will depend on your fortune as your working conditions subject to the weather, therefore if you would like a wonderful comfy workplace, this probably isn’t for you personally!

Female referees are heavily in demand right now, and maybe not merely to get officiating in women’s football but man matches too. The downside of football refereeing is you are not only dealing with heavy pressure from footballers, team coaches, and managers, you may also deal with abuses received from football fans, and threats from illegitimate football betting houses. Plenty of referees received publicized criticisms on the media and the internet every day, and also have chants regarding their parents. This really is something to think about if you would like to be a referee. If you believe you are tough enough and also possess the confidence to manage players and audiences putting you under pressure, then you are up to the task. Nevertheless, regardless of the flak referees receive daily, football matches could not possibly live without football referees.

Salary of Football Referees

The wages a football referee can get depends on his/her professional level, and the football level he/she worked with. The common rate would be 20-30 pounds for amateur matches and 80 pounds for semi-professional matches. Full-time professional referees can yield around 40,000 pounds yearly, together with game fees as well as other expenses incurred.


Football referees are vital for football matches. Despite the controversies, football refereeing can also be perceived as a professional career as long as you are able to handle the pressure.